Why insurers need to inspect my vehicle?

Quite often, when you apply for a new car insurance policy, your insurance service provider would want to do an insurance inspection on your vehicle. Of course, not all insurance companies do so. Hence you might be wondering whether it’s required to provide a vehicle inspection report along with your policy application, or to let an agent from your insurance company to conduct an insurance inspection.

Insurance companies request for vehicle inspection before a new policy to ensure that your auto mobile has no damages to the vehicle before you insure it. Without a proper inspection, chances are that someone could later make a claim for a damage caused to his vehicle well before he purchased the insurance policy. Having had an inspection, insurer has evidence of the conditions of the vehicle at the time of purchasing the policy, so when the client makes a claim request, the insurer can assess whether actual damage has occurred that requires a payment.

Vehicle inspection is useful not only when purchasing an insurance, but also when you buy a new vehicle or sell one. When buying a new vehicle, with a proper inspection, you can ensure your vehicle wouldn’t give you a hard time in the near future, or at least you know what it’s up to. When selling your vehicle, having an inspection report will let your potential buyer to make his decision easily, because he too, knows what to expect. Further, insurance inspections may be needed when you claim for a damage as well. Insurer needs to be sure that you are claim is genuine and legit, that you are claiming for an actual damage, not for a bogus one.

You can get your car inspected at one of the inspection services located in most of the cities. Sometimes, your insurance agent may recommend an inspection service to get the insurance inspection report from. At an inspection, a qualified technician will examine your vehicle for possible faults and weak-points, perform a test drive and will make an inspection report. This report will consist of the condition of your car, defects and other conditions which are important to the insurer. Some insurance companies may even provide an insurance report form or a template, which your vehicle inspector can fill in.

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